Hastings: A Great Place to Visit

Hastings Castle Hastings is a seaside town found in the South East of England. It has a population of around 86,000 making it a sizeable town amongst its neighbours which include Bexhill on Sea amongst others. It is a popular holiday destination for many people from all other Britain although its popularity is undoubtedly on the wane with people preferring to visit other part of the UK or even heading abroad for their holidays. This is mainly thanks to the prominence of cheap flights to the continent which means it can often be cheaper to fly to mainland Europe than get a train to the south east of England. Saying that the town still has a lot to offer visitors whether they are coming for a day trip or an extended break. The town’s attempt to position or rebrand itself as a “modern European town” has received mixed reviews but has unquestionably made it a better place to visit.

Who Lives in Hastings?

Thanks to the ethnic diversity of Hastings it has the feel of a cosmopolitan town with all the benefits that entails. While being over 95% white in population there are still a few hundred Asian and black residents to add a bit of variety and diversity to the town. Thanks to the location of the town there are also a large number of older residents who have headed here for the warmer weather and seaside culture. Perhaps not as popular with the retired as nearby Bexhill on Sea there is still a notable presence of OAPS on the streets during the day.

Things to Do in Hastings

This town has all the trappings and facilities you would expect from a popular beach town. There is a great shopping mall called the Priory Meadow Shopping Centre which is home to 55 shops and there are even more retail spaces in the town centre. If you are into your arts and culture Hastings might have something for you in one of its two theatres and the four screen Odeon cinema is popular with the young and old alike.   There is also an independent cinema for those hard to follow French art house movies. If you have time on your hands you could treat yourself to an Indian head massage in Hastings or a reviving reflexology session after a hard days slog around the town or on the beach. In fact there are a number of reflexologists in Hastings as well as a whole host of alternative and complementary therapists who can take care of any aches or pains that may arise during your visit.

Kid’s Activities

There are lots of open spaces in town which are great for the kids and there is also a miniature railway which they will love as will any family members into train spotting. The shopping centres have a good range of toy shops and retail outlets that stock all the things you may need for your children or babies. In fact it has often been said Hastings is a very baby and child friendly town.

So are you can see Hastings is a great place to visit whether you want a relaxing day at the beach, a place to retire to or just some good old fashioned TLC with a head or foot massage. We hope to see you soon!

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